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A professional and well-designed website helps build trust in your business.

We ensured that Biosaem’s website was highly functional and featured a comprehensive section dedicated to its services, where potential clients could explore the various treatments and therapies the brand offers.

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BIOSAEM is a brand that offers emotional bio-healing services, focused on helping people release repressed emotions and heal their body and mind. The brand has a highly trained team of therapists and healthcare professionals who use innovative techniques and tools to provide a unique and personalized experience for their clients.


The brand was looking for a way to reach a broader and more diverse audience

On Instagram and WhatsApp, BIOSAEM had the advantage of being able to interact directly with their clients in a personalized way and establish closer relationships. However, the lack of a website limited their reach and the ability to attract a wider audience.

The transition to having a website allowed them to have a more complete online presence, where they could showcase their services, client testimonials, information about their therapies and pricing, as well as a more formal and professional means of contact.


Creating a stronger and more professional online presence

Working closely with the BIOSAEM team, we developed a comprehensive design and content strategy for their website. We focused on creating an exceptional user experience, ensuring that navigation was intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, we implemented an elegant and appealing visual aesthetic that reflected the brand’s philosophy and identity.

After launching the new website, BIOSAEM saw a significant increase in site traffic and inquiries from potential clients. The brand was able to reach a wider and more diverse audience, and solidified its position as a leader in the field of emotional bio-healing.


Business visibility, having a website allows you to reach a wider audience

People will be able to find you through search engines like Google, increasing your chances of gaining new clients. For BIOSAEM, we applied the following:

  • Having a professional and well-designed website can help build trust in your business. This can be especially important if you offer services that require clients to trust you.
  • By having your own website, you have greater control over the presentation of your business. You can customize the design and content to fit your brand and attract the right clients.
  • We helped them better manage their clients. We used tools like contact forms and customer management systems to keep track of client interactions and provide better service.


Incrementar el Tráfico Orgánico Cualificado y las Conversiones

Para conseguir los objetivos del cliente en tiempo récord planteamos una estrategia enfocada en:

  • Aumentar la captación de tráfico orgánico
  • Mejorar la autoridad y la visibilidad del dominio.
  • Incrementar el número de conversiones

The result

Having a website provides a more professional image for the brand.

With their own website, Biosaem can utilize a wide range of marketing tools, such as SEO, online advertising, emails, and more, to reach more clients and increase their online visibility.

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