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Harmony para el alma

From selling via Instagram and WhatsApp to automating the process through an ecommerce platform

A brand that demonstrated that by adapting to the needs of its customers and being open to new opportunities, even greater success can be achieved.

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HARMONY is a women’s accessories brand that started selling its unique pieces through Instagram and WhatsApp. Over time, the brand gained a large following and a loyal customer base who loved their exclusive designs and personalized attention.


Increase and automate sales through an eCommerce platform.

The brand faced a challenge: despite its success on Instagram and WhatsApp, they recognized that their sales process through these channels had certain limitations, and HARMONY wanted to reach more people, increase sales, and expand into new markets. To achieve this, they decided to make the leap to an eCommerce platform.


Design a comprehensive eCommerce system to help the client automate their sales and logistics process.

Identifying the need: Firstly, HARMONY  recognized that its sales process through Instagram and WhatsApp had certain limitations, such as a lack of secure payment platform and the inability to handle large volumes of orders. Therefore, they identified the need for an eCommerce platform to improve their sales process.

Selecting the eCommerce platform: We evaluated various eCommerce platforms before selecting one that best suited their needs and budget. Once the platform was chosen, we worked on configuration and customization to reflect the brand’s identity and optimize the customer’s shopping experience.

Automation of processes: : Once the eCommerce platform was set up, key processes were automated to improve business efficiency, such as inventory management, invoicing, and order shipping. This allowed HARMONY to process more orders in less time and provide faster and more efficient customer service.

Website promotion: With the eCommerce website up and running, HARMONY began promoting it through their existing social media channels, as well as through paid online advertising. They focused on highlighting the benefits of the eCommerce platform, such as payment security and a wider range of products.

Monitoring and continuous improvement: Once operational, HARMONY monitored the performance of the eCommerce platform and made continuous improvements based on customer feedback and sales data. This ensured that the eCommerce platform remained up-to-date and competitive in an ever-evolving market.


Increase Organic and Paid Traffic to achieve higher conversions in their online store.

To achieve the client’s objectives, we proposed a strategy focused on:


Incrementar el Tráfico Orgánico Cualificado y las Conversiones

Para conseguir los objetivos del cliente en tiempo récord planteamos una estrategia enfocada en:

  • Aumentar la captación de tráfico orgánico
  • Mejorar la autoridad y la visibilidad del dominio.
  • Incrementar el número de conversiones


The entire sales process was successfully automated.

In addition, Harmony can now collect data on its customers, their preferences, and purchasing behaviors, allowing them to make informed decisions about their business.

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