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Digital transformation is key to success in the fitness niche, and Havva Fitness knows it very well.

The brand wanted a comprehensive solution that would allow them to sell their customized workout programs online and effectively manage their clients.

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HavvaFitness is a brand of personalized workouts and nutrition consulting that has been very successful in the market due to its customized and high-quality approach to each of its clients.


Expanding their business through e-commerce and a CRM to enhance the customer experience

With an online store, HavvaFitness can streamline the purchasing process for its clients; they can buy products and services from the comfort of their homes and have the option to choose from various personalized workout plans, nutrition consulting, retreats, among other experiences offered by the brand.

By implementing a CRM, Havva Fitness can foster customer loyalty. A CRM allows the brand to collect customer information and use it to personalize the customer experience. This means that the brand can offer products and services that are more relevant to them, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.


Designing an e-commerce website that reflects the brand's image and provides an intuitive user experience.

We began designing their e-commerce strategy from scratch, deciding to use a leading e-commerce platform for their website. We selected an easy-to-use and customizable platform that allowed us to create an attractive and functional online store in a short amount of time. We also focused on developing a solid digital marketing strategy that enabled them to attract new customers to their website and convert them into sales.

To further enhance the customer experience, HavvaFitness decided to implement a CRM system to keep track of customer interactions. Using the CRM, they were able to personalize their communications and offers for each client, which allowed them to increase their conversion rate and retain existing customers.


We focused on developing a solid marketing strategy

To achieve the client’s objectives, we proposed a strategy focused on:

  • Platform selection: WordPress is an excellent option for creating an e-commerce site. It is easy to use, and there are a large number of themes and plugins available.
  • Title and description configuration: We configured the titles and descriptions of their pages and posts, making sure they were clear, descriptive, and contained relevant keywords.

  • Tag and category configuration: We used relevant tags and categories on their website to help search engines understand the site’s content and structure.

  • Image optimization: We made sure to optimize the images on their website to reduce loading times and improve their search engine rankings.

  • CRM system implementation: to keep track of customer interactions. Using the CRM, we were able to personalize their communications and offers for each client.


Incrementar el Tráfico Orgánico Cualificado y las Conversiones

Para conseguir los objetivos del cliente en tiempo récord planteamos una estrategia enfocada en:

  • Aumentar la captación de tráfico orgánico
  • Mejorar la autoridad y la visibilidad del dominio.
  • Incrementar el número de conversiones

The result

Havva Fitness was able to reach a broader audience and offer their services online globally

The brand was able to improve its relationship with customers. With the use of their CRM, Havva Fitness was able to collect information and analyze their clients’ data, allowing them to tailor their offers and services according to their clients’ needs.

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