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How we managed to increase their sales by over 620% with META ADS and improved the cost per lead.

The strategy we used focused on two fundamental pillars: the segmentation of their target audience and the personalization of WhatsApp messages.

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KR TIRE CENTER is a company dedicated to the sale of wholesale and retail tires in Panama City. Despite offering high-quality products, KR TIRE CENTER was struggling to attract new customers and increase its market share.


Increase sales substantially through meta ads

We worked to develop a customized advertising strategy for KR TIRE CENTER that would focus on attracting a broader target audience, highlighting the unique features of their product, and increasing sales by positioning the brand as a leader in its niche.


Identify their target audience and subsequently use retargeting techniques to improve their conversion rate.

We launched advertising campaigns aimed at starting conversations on WHATSAPP, where the data from the initial campaigns allowed us to identify their target audience accurately. We then used retargeting techniques to improve their conversion rate.

The results were astonishing: KR TIRE CENTER experienced a 620% increase in sales in the six months following the launch of the advertising campaign. The company also received a higher number of inquiries and calls from potential customers interested in their products and services.


Increase qualified traffic and the number of conversations on WhatsApp through digital advertising.

To achieve the client’s goals in record time, we proposed a strategy focused on:

  • Increasing the acquisition of qualified traffic.

  • Learning from the data of each campaign to better recognize their target audience.

  • Increasing the number of conversations.

  • We worked to reduce the  cost per lead to less than one dollar.


Incrementar el Tráfico Orgánico Cualificado y las Conversiones

Para conseguir los objetivos del cliente en tiempo récord planteamos una estrategia enfocada en:

  • Aumentar la captación de tráfico orgánico
  • Mejorar la autoridad y la visibilidad del dominio.
  • Incrementar el número de conversiones


Their sales increased by 620% in 6 months

The segmentation and personalization of WhatsApp messages were the key pillars of our strategy, demonstrating the effectiveness of using technology to achieve marketing goals.

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