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Keep your sales team organized and focused on results.

Our CRM service allows you to keep detailed track of your customers and contacts, which will help you close more deals.

All customers within your reach

Our CRM provides a panoramic view of your sales process, all on a single screen. Track customer progress, monitor task status, and oversee your sales progression with ease.

Chat application integration

Manage multiple conversations efficiently from a single inbox. Our platform allows you to integrate various WhatsApp numbers, Instagram pages, Facebook, WEB Live Chat, and other chat applications, such as Telegram, with utmost ease.

Access information instantly

Visualize all your history of interactions with a customer in a single profile: Chat conversations, emails, registered notes, team comments, follow-up tasks, and much more. All at the click of a button.

Sales and follow-up BOT's

Build bots that go beyond being simple chat assistants: capable of greeting customers, collecting data, providing personalized follow-ups, and much more. All this without the need for coding.

Effective messaging campaigns

Maintain the interest of your prospects and current customers, even after conversations have ended, through broadcast messages on applications like WhatsApp. It works in perfect synergy with the bots.

Simplified automation

Minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks. With just a few clicks, you can set up automated workflows for data entry, lead assignment, and task setting. Save time and increase efficiency.

Optimized Sales Funnels

Turn your visitors into loyal customers through structured and efficient sales funnels. Perfectly integrated with CRM tools, guide your prospects step by step towards conversion. Make every interaction count.


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that allows companies to efficiently and effectively manage their relationships with customers.

It enables different teams to work together and share information more effectively. This improves internal coordination and reduces duplication of efforts.


A CRM allows you to store valuable information about customers, such as their personal data, purchase history, preferences, and complaints.


By better understanding the needs and preferences of customers, companies can offer personalized products and services that meet their needs.


A CRM helps sales teams manage their activities, opportunities, and customer follow-up.

Are you having difficulties managing your sales?

Our CRM service combines all the necessary tools to improve your strategy.

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