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A new, more minimalist and modern visual identity

How we improved the user experience of their eCommerce, with more intuitive navigation, more efficient product search, and optimal loading speed.

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TU ROPERO is a second-hand clothing brand from Medellin for men and women who want to venture into resale and donation of garments. Its purpose is to generate and strengthen conscious consumption habits.


The performance of their eCommerce was slow, causing abandonments and lost sales.

In their effort to improve the user experience, TU ROPERO redesigned their eCommerce to offer a more minimalist and modern design. We also improved the page loading speed so that users can browse and make purchases more efficiently.


We significantly improved the user experience of their eCommerce on all devices.

With the brand strategy defined, the web design and development process begins, working in collaboration with  TU ROPERO founders to ensure that the site reflects their vision and values. Usability tests are conducted, and adjustments are made based on their feedback.

The redesign and optimization of  TU ROPERO website lead to an increase in online sales and an improved user experience. Customers appreciate the new minimalist design and ease of navigation, which encourages them to return to make purchases. The brand begins to be recognized as a leader in second-hand fashion in the city.


Simplify the website navigation process, optimize, and improve usability for users.

To achieve the client’s goals, we proposed a strategy focused on:

  • Updating the logo and color palette to be more modern and attractive to customers.

  • Ensuring that the website is compatible with mobile devices, as most users browse the internet from their mobile phones.

  • Improving the website’s loading speed so that users can quickly access the information and products they want.

  • Optimizing images and product descriptions to improve visibility in search engines.


Incrementar el Tráfico Orgánico Cualificado y las Conversiones

Para conseguir los objetivos del cliente en tiempo récord planteamos una estrategia enfocada en:

  • Aumentar la captación de tráfico orgánico
  • Mejorar la autoridad y la visibilidad del dominio.
  • Incrementar el número de conversiones

The result

The number of website visitors increased by 160%

Once the site is ready, it is launched and promoted through various online platforms, including social networks. The site’s performance is continuously monitored, and updates are made to ensure the security and guarantee we offer at CREANGO.

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